Letter to the Editor:

After our recent SpringFest flower basket sale, the board of The Woolery Project, Inc. wanted to take a moment to educate the naysayers and social media trolls who have recently taken it upon themselves to make untrue and negative statements about our fundraising efforts and our intentions in the community.

We had a lady taking issue with most of our flower baskets being sold before our sale officially opened. That only happened the first couple of years, as we were adjusting our quantities to the needs of the community. We responded to her issue, letting her know we had lots of flowers available to choose from this year. Positive response to a valid question.

However, someone attached a message suggesting that Open Country Farm and Feed in Condon would be a much better choice for flower baskets. Not only is that bad form, but also shows the ignorance about what The Woolery Project is about. Our board members always make an effort to buy locally if possible, and our president Rod McGuire and his wife Lori purchase Open Country’s feed supplies and veterinary services quite often.

The Woolery Project, Inc. is not about taking trade away from our neighbor’s businesses. We are here to foster a sense of community, an opportunity for meeting and making friends, and to do what our local politicians cannot do — bring the people of Arlington and our surrounding communities together.

Our group has done, and continues to do, much for Arlington and the area. When the Arlington High junior class needed help funding their junior/senior prom, The Woolery Project was there to help them with the Power Breakfast, which netted the class around $1,800 for their prom. When the students wanted to put on a play for the community, The Woolery Project built the stage, did the lighting, and provided the dinner. The gym was packed and the play was a success. During our yearly Oktoberfest Auction and Fundraiser, we have invited local high school students to help with setting up the room, busing tables and showing auction items. In return, The Woolery Project gives around $1,500 to the students to help with athletic equipment and other needs. Over the past nine years that is thousands of dollars given to our youth. No one else in the county donates what we donate and asks for only support in return.

Also, The Woolery Project willingly took on the Condon 4th of July breakfast, as no one else was willing to do the job, and we’ll be doing it again this year.

So when the naysayers start spouting negativity, just remember that The Woolery Project is fundraising and holding events to benefit them and their neighbors.

As a final note, a huge “Thank You” to all the folks who support us and appreciate what we do.

Scott Thompson

The Dalles, Oregon


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