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  • Letter to the Editor: Phill Hamm

    Updated Apr 10, 2024

    To The Editor: I support Dave Drotzmann for Oregon Senate District 29. I first met Dave when we served together on the Hermiston School District Board of Directors, more than 20 years ago. Since then I have seen his commitment to our Eastern Oregon values through his leadership as Mayor of Hermiston, his involvement, commitment and leadership within the League of Oregon Cities and in many other capacities like supporting high school sports, raising funds for the local football/track stadium or helping to raise funding to buil...

  • Letter to the Editor: Jordan Maley

    Updated Apr 10, 2024

    To the Editor & Gilliam County voters, I plan to vote “No” on the recalls for the following reasons: 1) Recalls divide and damage the communities where they happen. The focus on common goals and cooperation that is necessary to the success of rural areas is clearly affected by the partisan, angry disagreements that always accompany recalls. There is already evidence that working and even family relationships are being strained by the divisions this latest recall effort has created. We cannot afford to sacrifice the gre...

  • Gilliam County Transportation extends office hours, ride availability

    Press Release|Updated Apr 10, 2024

    By Todd Lake Gilliam County Transportation Director Gilliam County Transportation (GCT) Department provides for the transportation needs of the people in Gilliam County. We provide public transportation for medical appointments, both locally and in the surrounding communities including Bend, Portland, The Dalles, Hood River, the Tri-Cities areas, and others. Other transportation provided includes trips to the Sr. meal site, food bank, and shopping. GCT provides transportation...

  • Letter to the Editor: James Metzker

    Updated Apr 10, 2024

    Letter to the Editor: Well, another recall election is upon us, and I am again left to wonder if many voters are aware of or even care as to why they are being asked to vote to remove an elected official from office. Many I am aware of could not tell you why the original petitioners feel the need for a recall or why those reasons may or may not be important and warrant that extreme action. Instead of asking the hard questions, voters often insert their own justifications which could range from past grievances, feelings about...

  • Letter to the Editor: Walter Powell

    Updated Apr 10, 2024

    To the Editor: A couple of weeks ago, I received an anonymous letter, as did other postal patrons. 1. If a letter is worth paying the postage for, it is worth signing. If you don’t wish to sign, then don’t send. 2. Refrain from capitalizing all of the letters in a sentence. We are not discussing the end of time as we know it. This is a worn and overused tactic. 3. Past County Judge discussion: with respect for all, one has been retired coming on eighteen years, one coming on twelve years, and one ran for reelection, and los...

  • Letter to the Editor: Judge Elizabeth Farrar Campbell

    Updated Apr 10, 2024

    To the Editor and Gilliam County Voters, As I wrote last week, I’m proud of the progress we’ve made together over the last five years; investing more than $1 million to support small businesses, jumpstarting housing development, creating a permanent endowment to provide childcare access for all families, laying the groundwork to bring affordable, reliable, high-speed internet to every home in Gilliam County, and so much more. The choice before you is to continue this progress or to plunge Gilliam County into crisis. Oregon La...

  • Letter to the Editor: Bill Sutton

    Updated Apr 10, 2024

    Letter to the Editor: It is my honor and pleasure to highly recommend Honorable Cris Patnode for the position of County Judge in Oregon. I have known Judge Patnode for many years, through our membership in the National Judge’s Association. She worked her way through the various offices of NJA, from Secretary to President, and her service and professionalism was second to none. She has been an inspiration to me, as she understands the balance of being on the bench, between the human element and the legal element. As past P...

  • Letter to the Editor: Debbie Radie

    Updated Apr 10, 2024

    To the Editor: With the May primary election fast approaching, we as voters have the opportunity to elect a leader who will bring fiscal responsibility and business-friendly policies to Oregon politics. That is why I am supporting Dave Drotzmann for state senator. Everyday expenses like groceries, medication, and housing are concerns for all Oregonians. We need leaders in Salem who will hold our government accountable for every dollar that is received and spent. During his time as Hermiston mayor, Dave has overseen...

  • Letter to the Editor: Mayor Paul Keefer

    Updated Apr 10, 2024

    Letter to the Editor: With the May primary election fast approaching, we as voters have the opportunity to elect new leaders who will bring fiscal responsibility to Oregon politics. That is why I am supporting Dave Drotzmann for state senator. As a small business owner, Dave understands the struggle of Oregonians working to afford everyday expenses like groceries, medication, and housing in the face of record inflation. We need leaders in Salem who will hold our government accountable for every dollar it spends, without...

  • Letter to the Editor: Heather Baumgartner

    Updated Apr 10, 2024

    Letter to the Editor: I support Dave Drotzmann for Senate District 29. His dedication and commitment to addressing critical issues make him the clear choice. Dave, as a small business owner, comprehends the challenges our local businesses face and is dedicated to providing necessary support for their success. His plans will foster economic growth and job creation in our district. Dave is invested in addressing our community's housing crisis, recognizing the need for affordable housing options to ensure safe and stable housing...

  • Oregon High School Rodeo underway

    Lynn Wilkins|Updated Apr 10, 2024

    Spring action for the Oregon High School Rodeo Association kicked off last weekend in Klamath Falls. The Columbia Basin High School Rodeo club was represented by Condon Senior Gracie Garthwaite, who is also serving as Student President of the OHSRA. In Saturday's rodeo, Gracie placed second in the Goat Tying with an 8.95. She turned in a 16.31 in the Barrel Race, earning fifth place. Spray's Molly Davis, a Freshman, also placed in two events, with a fourth place in the Goat...

  • Editorial: Stephen's Sidebar

    Stephen Allen|Updated Apr 10, 2024

    Last week we wrote about the upcoming recall election and listed the reasons for why we are voting “No.” In doing so, we said that the group that is pushing the recall has been disingenuous. But we also said that the spouses and friends of current candidates are involved in the recall, to which Cris Patnode, who is running for Gilliam Co. Judge, pushed back and said that her husband Joe Patnode has taken all efforts to avoid the recall effort. I apologized to Joe and Cris for...

  • EDITORIAL: Why We're Voting "NO" on Gilliam Co. Recall Elections

    Stephen Allen|Updated Apr 5, 2024

    Gilliam County voters will receive ballots for the special recall election of Judge Elizabeth Farrar Campbell and Commissioner Pat Shannon on April 10. We will be voting “No” on both. There is no doubt that the Gilliam County Court unleashed discord when it passed resolution 2023-01 in December. That order stripped the county court of its judicial functions. The court then held listening sessions and discussed the potential of changing the county’s governing structure to a... Full story

  • To The Editor: Ellen Wagenaar

    Updated Apr 3, 2024

    To the Editor, I am writing in response to the letter to Gilliam County from Rachel Boyer in last week’s Times Journal. Gilliam County is audited yearly. These audits are kept in the Gilliam County Clerk's Office for public view. You will find no adverse findings. As an elected official, I welcome the investigation of “several” agencies. Rachel, I wish you the best in your future endeavors. —Ellen Wagenaar, Condon...

  • 4-H Super Swine Club meets

    4-H Student Reporter|Updated Apr 3, 2024

    By Trysten Lofthouse, 4-H Student Reporter The “Super Swine” 4-H hog club met on March 21 at 6pm at the 4-H pavilion. All swine club members were present. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Clyde, 4-H Pledge by Zane. Who has pigs? Trysten, Marie, Mark. We passed out the Barn Bible and talked about daily work with pigs, and learned how to properly brush the pig’s hair. We discussed getting our ideas started for next meeting. We learned about nutrition and played Swine Jeopa...

  • DAYS OF YORE: April 4, 2024

    Updated Apr 3, 2024

    April 4, 2024 10 years ago— Senator Ron Wyden will be back in Fossil to conduct his 700th town hall in the seat of Wheeler County, where by the way, he conducted his first town hall session as a United States Senator in 1996. The C-W Knights girls’ basketball team was invited to the Portland Trailblazer game for their ‘State Champions Night’. The team was given tickets in the 100 level to enjoy the game against the New Orleans Pelicans. All 14 members of the JV and Varsity teams were able to attend, along with their coaches....

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: April Aamodt

    Updated Apr 3, 2024

    To the Editor, Gilliam County voters timing is everything. I have been studying budget law and the recall ballots will be mailed out this next week which does not give time for the county to adopt a budget and approve tax appropriations due to budget law timelines. That being said, I am not willing to put all my eggs in one basket. If two county court members are recalled there will not be a quorum to continue county business. The Governor of Oregon will appoint an interim county judge, that person will have to accept the... Full story

  • Oscar, Bigfoot, and Whiskey

    Jannie Allen|Updated Apr 3, 2024

    A friend recently laughed that in a conversation with a city dweller, she said that in small towns we don't just know everyone's name, we know the names of their dogs. The names of three of my favorite dogs evoke memories that always make me smile. My husband and I bought our first home in Fossil in 1975 while teaching at Fossil Grade School. Our next-door neighbors were Bob and Margaret Misener, and their English Springer Spaniel, Oscar. Oscar wasn't a spry puppy when we met...

  • To the Editor: Sherman Co. Sheriff Brad Lohrey

    Updated Apr 3, 2024

    Dear Editor, It is disheartening to witness a recurring trend in our political landscape: individuals seeking elected positions with no intention of fulfilling their terms. This unethical practice not only undermines the trust of the electorate but also deprives voters of their rightful voice in governance. Whether it's judges, sheriffs, county commissioners, or other officials, the decision to run for office knowing that one will not complete their term is a betrayal of public trust. Elected positions are not stepping...

  • To the Editor: Arlington Mayor Jeff Bufton

    Updated Apr 3, 2024

    Letter to the Editor: I have been reading and listening to the comments made by the Elected County Court members and other folks about a total County shutdown if the recall is successful in removing some of the officials. Basically, the lights will have to be turned off and everyone will need to go home due to not having an operational budget in place! This is totally avoidable, I call on the Elected County Officials to step up and do the job duties of your station and move forward with implementing an emergency budget or...

  • To the Editor: Denny Newell

    Updated Apr 3, 2024

    Judge Elizabeth Farrar Campbell presented a million dollar (actually $1,143,600) contract for Court approval on February 7th. It was NOT approved. But if it had been, more than a million dollars would have gone to a Portland firm in exchange for 9,500 hours spent consulting 10 county organizations over the next three years. When asked, Judge Campbell was either unwilling or unable to identify the targeted organizations. Seems like a lot of money for an extraordinary number of hours. More disturbing is the fact Campbell’s p...

  • Letter to the Editor: Lenn Ball

    Updated Apr 3, 2024

    When you can't defend your policy or actions the only thing left is fear mongering and scare tactics. The common theme of the County Commissioner's and the Judge. We can't get a budget done or passed if we get recalled. The lights will all go out in our county, no one will get paid, the seniors will suffer, and you will not have law enforcement. This is simply not true. We have consulted several Budget professionals with a combined budget writing and adopting experience of over 50 years, 5 times the level of our County Court...

  • To The Editor: From Gilliam Co. Judge Elizabeth Farrar Campbell

    Updated Apr 3, 2024

    To the Editor and Gilliam County Voters, “Reputation is an idle and most false imposition; oft got without merit, and lost without deserving." – William Shakespeare (Othello) In last week’s edition, a letter to the editor drew comparisons between my time serving as Gilliam County Judge with the Elizabethan Era. While Mr. Ball intended this as a scathing indictment, I see it as a Comedy of Errors. Don’t get me wrong; there are many comparisons to draw between my tenure at Gilliam County and the Elizabethan Era. For instanc...

  • I Met A Man Today, a Scholar, Who is Very Much Alive

    Lawrence J. Hammar|Updated Apr 3, 2024

    As a bookseller I meet a lot of dead people, or rather, obtain their books, see mementos of them, and meet their spouses, family members, neighbors and colleagues. It’s nice to meet a man who is very much alive. It was nice to pull in yesterday to the parking lot at Bickfords Senior Living in Iowa City, Iowa and meet Dr. Peter Morris Green. I spent a fine, memorable hour with him. I was drafted by Dr. Green’s daughter, the cultural anthropologist Dr. Sarah Green, to obtain, so...

  • The Champagne Problem

    Isabel Montclaire|Updated Apr 3, 2024

    Lately I have contemplated the excess in our society. Most people I know struggle with spare rooms, attics, basements, garages, outbuildings and storage units full of things they don’t know what to do with. They get caught in the indecision twilight zone and they want to keep the thing and dispose of it all at the same time. I call a good problem a champagne problem. Champagne problems are good things to have! As I contemplated on the champagne problem of excess, I r...

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