To the Editor,

I am writing to encourage Gilliam County voters to support Leah Watkins for Gilliam County Judge.

I served on the Condon School Board with Leah and remember she was always fair with her decisions and her first priority was serving the community. She spoke her mind yet was willing to work for a common solution that best served the school district.

With the current situation in the county, she is the only candidate with prior experience on the court. In talking to former and current county court members, they have all indicated it takes a good year on the governing body of the county to learn the job. Gilliam County can’t wait that long to get someone to that point and needs someone who can hit the ground running to provide leadership for the county.

Leah is learning the administrative duties needed to fill in for the interim and is seeking legal advice along the way to make sure everything is done correctly. She is making the best interests of the county her priority during these unprecedented times for Gilliam County.

Lynn Wilkins

Condon, OR


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