To the Editor and Gilliam County Residents,

I submit this letter to express my support for my brother Pat Shannon in his re-election bid for Gilliam County Commissioner.

I no longer live in Gilliam County, but I lived there most of my life and I still care a great deal about all things Gilliam County. It’s where I grew up, where we raised our daughters and where I lived and worked most of my adult life. During the more than two decades I worked for the Gilliam County Court I gained a unique insight into the operations of local government in Gilliam County.

County Commissioner is a multifaceted job in which Pat brings a variety of extremely useful experience to the position, along with his passion for the work which is vital. I believe he has the keen ability to accomplish the necessary and hard work of a productive County Commissioner. I think Gilliam County has benefited by his willingness to put in the time to learn, develop necessary relationships, work hard, problem solve, collaborate, compromise, and interact with citizens and colleagues. Like most jobs, there is a learning curve in the position of County Commissioner. I believe Pat has gained invaluable experience during his time in office and has done an exceptional job. I think it would be beneficial to Gilliam County if he’s given the opportunity to serve another term.

Leanne Durfey

Salem, Oregon


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