To the Editor:

I’m writing this letter in support of Pat Shannon, Gilliam County Commissioner for re-election. Now is not the time for inexperience, we are at a serious crossroad in Gilliam County. Do we let 32% of the voters in Gilliam County determine the future of the County.

Pat is currently serving as the vice chair of CREA Community Renewable Energy Association, as one of the counties with a large amount of renewable energy we need representation. He is knowledgeable about this subject, and starting back at ground zero is not a good option.

Several of committees he currently serves:

Vice chair for District #3 of Association of Oregon Counties, who represents the voice of the counties at the state level. He also attended the Eastern Oregon Counties Association meetings, who represents the eastern side of the state.

Served on the North Central Public Health District as the court transitioned to Gilliam County Public Health, bringing services and tax dollars back into Gilliam County.

NORCOR Executive Board Member.

Representing Court for transition from GEODC to MCEDD, to better serve economic development in our area.

Shown leadership on housing development in Arlington area, initiated the 40-acre purchase of Proctor property.

He is committed to serving all the residents despite the rhetoric that has been displayed over the past five months. He is opposed by a candidate, whose wife was involved in the recall efforts of her husband’s opponent. The voice behind the candidate should be taken into consideration when voting.

Pat has worked hard as a commissioner, spending way more than the 20 hours he is compensated for, all in the best interest of the county. The County Court is much more than attending two meetings a month. I hope the other 68% of voters make their voices heard.

Leah Watkins

Condon, OR


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