To The Editor:

As a candidate for the County Commissioner, I Grant Wilkins will appreciate your support in voting for me. As a Gilliam County resident for almost my entire life, I have served over twenty years in attained, appointed, end elected positions in Gilliam County. Additionally, I have been General Manager for a Chevron Distributing company, am currently a small business owner, and also am currently employed by Portland General Electric as a Control Room Operator for one of their Thermal Generation Plants. These positions require leadership and good decision making skills. I served 15 years on the Arlington School District Board, served on several County Court Boards, and currently serving on the North Gilliam County Health District Board. I have the experience and a strong background for serving as your next County Commissioner.

The recent outcome of the citizens recall election removing the sitting Judge and Commissioner speaks volumes to me. I hear you. It is unfortunate that this had to happen. The County Court owns their upending 100% due to the poor decisions they made and lack of actions they should have taken. Officials serving on our Court take an oath to serve and represent the county citizens. I have that desire to serve. I say the court could have and should have discussed a contingency plan to make sure the County’s day to day operations and employees were taken care of in the event of the successful recall. I say they should and could continue work on the 2024-25 upcoming budget. The voters are the experts and your needs and wishes will be my mandate.

Elected officials are expected to serve, listen, respond, and represent the citizens who voted for them. I believe any major Court structure changes should be decided by the people of Gilliam County and I will listen to you. I believe in Town Hall meetings and exchange of ideas and solutions. My previous experience enabled me to work and take actions to get unfortunate Board situations addressed and headed back in the right direction. I am prepared to do that again.

In closing, I again ask the voters of Gilliam County to give me the opportunity to serve and support our County employees and citizens. Together we can end the “crisis” of the County Court and move forward with our focus on a brighter future based upon transparency, honesty and integrity.

Grant Wilkins

Arlington, Oregon


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