To the Editor:

Anyone can access the online letters submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on February 12th, where our current county court members supported Senate Bill 1576-4 Amendment; two of those three are now subject to recall.

The Senate Judiciary Committee opted to remove amendment 4 regarding the alteration of six other county courts, thus giving the voters in each county the opportunity to make their voices heard.

The proposed legislation could have provided a way to replace our existing court with a Board of Commissioners, a move that would be difficult to undo.

The Senate decision granted voters the power to choose judges, leading the Gilliam County Court to resend the order on March 6th, 2024, which initially had been motioned and passed in December 2023, without considering 'we the people'.

Leah Watkins' campaign for position of Judge despite her written testimony in favor of possibly abolishing this position raises questions. I have been astonished by this incongruence.

Think about this because I sure have. It seems counterintuitive that she would campaign for a position that she voted to potentially eliminate.

Cris Patnode showed unwavering dedication when she testified in person at the emergency session in Salem, demonstrating her passion for preserving the judges seat.

Cris Patnode's residence in the center of Gilliam County's two largest cities allows her to view both North and South objectively which speaks in her favor and ours.

With 21 years of experience in the judiciary and a proven track record of integrity and honesty, Cris is an ideal candidate for county judge. Her extensive background in business, financial management is evidence of her qualifications.

Let us elect Cris Patnode as our Judge of Gilliam Court, bringing expertise and unity. She will safeguard and preserve our county court, honoring its legacy of over a hundred years.

Eudora Olsen

Olex, Oregon


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