LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Randy Hilderbrand

To the Editor:

I have known Greg Smith for over 30 years, and I can attest to the strength of his character and to his dedication to the people of District 57. Ensuring that constituents have a voice in the legislative process is fundamental, especially to our frontier communities that are extremely rural and a long drive from Salem. Legislators serve as the conduit through which the concerns, aspirations, and priorities of their constituents are communicated to the halls of the Capitol.

Greg listens attentively to the needs of his constituents and engages in open dialogue in every community meeting or event he attends. By providing avenues for public input, such as town hall meetings, surveys, and community forums, Greg has fostered transparency and accountability. He has demonstrated a commitment to responsive and inclusive representation. Please join me in voting for Republican Greg Smith for State Representative of House District 57.

Randy Hilderbrand

Wasco, Oregon


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