OBITUARY: Gary Grossmiller

Gary Grossmiller was born on December 20, 1961 and passed away on February 21st in the Hood River Rehab Center. He was a 5th generation Arlington Oregon resident. He is survived by his sister Susan Logan of Vancouver, WA, his niece Gabby (Eddie) Tim and new great nephew, Caleb. He is preceded in death by his mother, Victoria Wheelhouse and his father, Jake Grossmiller of The Dal-les.

Gary was part of the great class of 1980 in Arlington. He was part of many state championships and even scored a touchdown with one of Mr. Roger's "special" plays. He loved football, the Packers were his team. He also loved music. He almost graduated from Eastern Oregon with a music degree but was needed to care for his mother at home. The trumpet was his instrument. The highlight was playing with Doc Severinson at the band festival. He also attended Mt. Hood Festival of Jazz many times.

Gary's true calling came when he was needed to take over running the Happy Canyon Tavern that his grandparents built in 1957, converting it to a pizza parlor. He ran it for many years with his mother, and then alone since 2007. Gary loved being part of the Arlington community. He was a city councilman for over 10 years, also serving on the Tri-County Board. He was also an avid hunter and fisherman, catching the 2nd largest Wall Eye in the state. He helped start the Arlington Gun Club, shooting silhouettes and trap. He was a hard worker until his health went bad. He was able to cheat death 3 times and spent the last year in Hood River, trying to recuperate. Gary was always thankful for his town and his friends.


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