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  • Editorial: Stephen's Sidebar

    Stephen Allen|Updated Apr 10, 2024

    Last week we wrote about the upcoming recall election and listed the reasons for why we are voting “No.” In doing so, we said that the group that is pushing the recall has been disingenuous. But we also said that the spouses and friends of current candidates are involved in the recall, to which Cris Patnode, who is running for Gilliam Co. Judge, pushed back and said that her husband Joe Patnode has taken all efforts to avoid the recall effort. I apologized to Joe and Cris for...

  • EDITORIAL: Why We're Voting "NO" on Gilliam Co. Recall Elections

    Stephen Allen|Updated Apr 5, 2024

    Gilliam County voters will receive ballots for the special recall election of Judge Elizabeth Farrar Campbell and Commissioner Pat Shannon on April 10. We will be voting “No” on both. There is no doubt that the Gilliam County Court unleashed discord when it passed resolution 2023-01 in December. That order stripped the county court of its judicial functions. The court then held listening sessions and discussed the potential of changing the county’s governing structure to a... Full story

  • Recall the Recall

    Stephen Allen|Updated Mar 25, 2024

    It has been a rocky 90 days in Gilliam County. The Gilliam County Court's decision to transfer juvenile and probate court on December 6th, its discussions of changing to a board of commissioners, and efforts to get a legislative fix on the probate issue in Salem created division and anger in the county. There was a resounding demand to bring such issues to the voters. There were accusations that the methods employed were underhanded. Much of this anger revolved around timing.... Full story

  • Turnover, resignations, recalls at Gilliam County a cause for concern

    Stephen Allen|Updated Mar 22, 2024

    Last week, two more resignations were submitted from staff of Gilliam County, adding to a growing number of people who have left their jobs in the past few years. Rachel Boyer, who was hired a year ago to be the first Finance Director at Gilliam County, resigned from her position last week. Boyer, who attended middle school in Condon, had long hoped to return to Condon, the hometown of six generations before her. A certified management accountant (CMA), Boyer moved from...

  • Stuck in the middle with you

    Stephen Allen|Updated Mar 7, 2024

    The current political changes unfolding in the United States are monumental. In many ways, the two parties are swapping long-standing platforms and altering their historic identities. Both parties are also embracing candidates and agendas that they once disdained or mocked in the run-up to the 2024 Presidential Election. Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party is nearly complete. Although Trump was once a Democrat, has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is highly l...

  • Thoughts from the 6th Hole

    Stephen Allen|Updated Feb 26, 2024

    The Kinzua Hills Golf Club is a little slice of heaven. My dad was raised in Kinzua and I learned how to golf on the course. I remember attending reunions in the early to mid-80s and watching Ronnie Bowman, Mark Jellick, Jim Hulett, John Wall and other good Kinzua golfers crush drives off of the elevated first tee. It was a rowdy bunch who would gather at the Kinzua course and it was fun to see people who had grown up in Kinzua getting together. Even though the town was gone,...

  • Take a deep breath, count to ten Gilliam County

    Stephen Allen|Updated Feb 16, 2024

    It’s time to hit the pause button on restructuring the Gilliam County Court. This statement applies to all of us, not just the county judge, commissioners, and candidates in this year’s election. Yes, the Gilliam County Court has been moving quickly in recent months. Yes, they voted to transfer juvenile and probate court in rapid order and with little input. And yes, they voiced their approval for restructuring the county court into a board of commissioners. But these cha...