About The Times-Journal

Serving the frontier counties of Gilliam, Sherman and Wheeler in North Central Oregon

One of the oldest Oregon newspapers still in publication, The Times-Journal was founded in 1886 as The Fossil Journal. Today, The Times-Journal serves as the newspaper of record for Wheeler County, Gilliam County and Sherman County in North Central Oregon. We provide news coverage for the rural communities of Arlington, Condon, Wasco, Fossil, Mitchell, Rufus, Spray, Grass Valley and Wasco.

The Times-Journal is widely read by community members and those living outside of the geographical area with ties to the region. The newspaper is published every Thursday by Stephen and Renee Allen, Bighorn Press. Digital subscriptions are available; print issues are mailed weekly to local and nationwide subscribers.

On the Newsstand
Two Boys Select Market, Condon
Sinclair Station, Condon
Arlington Market, Arlington
The Fossil Mercantile, Fossil
Wheeler County Trading Co., Mitchell
Lone Elk Market, Spray
Huskey‘s 97 Market, Moro
Grass Valley Market, Grass Valley

The Fossil Journal, established 1886
The Condon Globe, established 1891
The Condon Times, established 1900
Globe and Time consolidation to Globe-Times in 1919
Fossil Journal and Globe-Times consolidation to The Times-Journal in 1975
Stephen and Renee Allen

Stephen and Renee Allen, Publishers tj@timesjournal1886.com

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